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High-pressure ground testing device

High-pressure ground testing device

The high-pressure ground testing control device is a necessary ground equipment used in the process of formation testing and test oil, which is mainly composed of wellhead testing device( wellhead control head, derrick floor manifold and movable manifold), safety valve, upper data head, choke manifold, lower data head ,gas-distributing manifold and shunt blowout prevention manifold. Its spare parts are the high-pressure manifolds produced by No.4 Petroleum Machinery Factory using the design and manufacturing technologies introduced from American SPM and FMC, which has good product commonality.

  The wellhead testing device is extensively used in the oil field drilling and workover operations, which can effectively control well kick and perform the pressure control on the oil and gas wells and the wellhead test. In addition, the annular manifold can be also used for the well cementing and acid fracturing operations of oil field. The wellhead testing device is mainly composed of three parts: derrick floor manifold, control head (upper control head and lower control head) and movable manifold.

  All the parts in the device adopt the materials and heat treatment process recognized by American SPM Company and each set of assembly receives the hydrostatic pressure leakage test under the maximum working pressure when leaving factory. As compared with the similar foreign products, this device has such characteristics as small volume, light weight, low labor intensity and convenient for transportation and construction operation. All the control valves adopt low-torque cock valve and gate valve, which has low opening torque under high pressure For the connection mode of manifold, adopt union or flange connection mode, with good commonality, strong interchangeability and convenient for connection.

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