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The hydrogen sulfide resistant series products

The hydrogen sulfide resistant series products


 Such series products may operate under the sour environment containing H2S gas, and the color of products is generally grass green.
    These products are manufactured according to the PSL3 and PSL4 specified in API6A as well as API16C specification. The material selection and heat treatment are made according to NACE MR0175 and API RP 14E standards. The materials for these products comply with NACE MR0175, ASTM and AISI standards.

 All the sealing elements are made of special acrylonitrile butadiene rubbers that are hydrogen sulfide resistant and dont crack at the temperature of -29℃, which has good leak tightness and long service life.
 The hydrogen sulfide resistant 2 and 3integral straight pipes, cock valves, movable elbows, irregular integral joints, welding union products that are produced by our factory have good service conditions under sour environment, which are praised by the user.

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