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Integral joint

Integral joint


The produced series irregular high-pressure integral joints and welding joints are in whole ranges, including Y-shaped, L-shaped, long-radius elbow, T-shaped, cross-shaped, manifold shape and fishtail shape, with specification being 2~4 and pressure being 21MPa~140MPa( 3000psi~20000psi). The blank for integral joint is molded by the high-strength alloy steel through die forging and receives the integral heat treatment, so that not only the bearing resistance of product is improved but also its service life is extended Furthermore, its appearance is concise and its end is connected by the union, so that it is convenient for it to be connect with various fracturing cementing equipment on site. The materials for the end welding joint as well as the design of welding bevel comply with API6A specification.
The function of reducer unions is to realize the switch connection between the pipelines with different diameters and threads. All the reducer unions is produced through the forging by the high-strength alloy steel and the finish machining by the numerical control machine, with convenient and reliable connection.

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