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High-pressure movable elbow

High-pressure movable elbow


The produced movable elbow is a metal pipe joint with ball bearing, with its specification being 1~4 and its rated working pressure being 14~140MPa( 2000psi~20000psi) It is feasible to provide various models of movable elbows used under ordinary temperature, low temperature and sulfurous gas as well as the maintenance packages.
The movable elbows have 2 types: long radius elbow and short radius elbow. The major radius movable elbow has smooth drift diameter, which can minimize the resistance generated when liquid passes The resistance to erosion and corrosion of fluid for the wall thickness at the turning position of long radius elbow is better than that of short radius elbow. However, long radius elbow is also used in consideration of the limit of field installation space or lower pressure.
◆ The blank bend of movable elbow is molded on the numerical control machine, which has even wall thickness and long service life. The wall thicknesses difference at the positions of inside and outside circular arcs reaches FMC standard, and its appearance quality can match with the imported blank
◆ The movable elbow has 3-ball groove design, so that it can effectively bear overload and radial load, it is stable at the time of bearing pressure and the vibration in pipeline is smaller at the time of bearing various loads
◆ All the specifications of movable elbows are the same as the like products produced by FMC Company, and their coupling dimensions completely comply with American standards, so that they may replace the like products of FMC Company used for well cementing and fracturing equipments.
◆ The sealing element is made of synthetic rubber, equipped with the blowout prevention ring and designed with the pressure release vent, so that it is possible to automatically reduce pressure in case of any leakage in the sealing element to prevent the pressure from being accumulated in the ball groove cavity, and thus greatly improving its safety
◆ For the field maintenance of movable elbow, it is only required to make lubrication occasionally to ensure its normal operation.

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