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The hammer unions which are produced on the basis of the absorption and digestion of the technologies transferred by American SPM and are used for connecting various pipeline include threaded connection type, welded type and hydrogen sulfide gas resisting type, with the specification being 1~4 and the cold working pressure being 7MPa~140MPa( 1000Psi~20000Psi). For the convenience of distinguish, the unions with different pressure grades have different color identifications and have obvious specification connection modes and pressure grade marks on the wing nuts. 
The specification and model of common union( threaded connection type): FIG100, FIG200, FIG206, FIG400, FIG402, FIG602, FIG1002 and FIG1502 The rated working pressure: 7MPa( 1000psi)~105MPa( 15000psi).

 Weld union specification : FIG20、FIG60、 FIG1002、FIG1502、FIG2002;rating working pressure : 14MPa(2000psi)~140MPa(20000psi)

  Prevent sulfur weld union : FIG602、FIG1002、FIG1502、FIG2202、Tr120×6、Tr150×6、Tr180×8;rating working pressure : 35MPa(5000psi)~105MPa(15000psi)

Credibility seal performance :
  The seal ring is made of imported sizing materials through compression, so that its loading capacity and sealing property are improved greatly and prevent the joint from corrosion. The sealing types differ according to the pressure and application range.

Quick installation:
  Regardless of position and space, the wing nut and rigid self-locking type ACME thread are so designed that they can be quickly tightened and dismounted without using special tools.

Highly interchangeability:
 The structure and coupling dimension of all the unions comply with the international product standards, in the unit of inch size the seal rings of unions completely may be interchanged with the products of American SPM and FMC companies the marks of specification and pressure on the wing nut are formed through one-time die forging.

Advanced processing and inspection means:
  The spherical joint processed by the high-precision numerical control machine and the LP thread processed by the imported special cutter provide reliable guarantee for high pressure seal All the wing nuts are processed by the numerical control machine, which have no relief groove, so that the product may have sound strength and high bearing pressure The materials for welding unions and the dimension of welding bevel comply with the requirements of APISPEC16C specification The unions used under the sour environment are designed and manufactured according to American NACEMR0175 Sulfide Stress Cracking Resistant Metallic Materials for Oilfield Equipment and APIRP- 14E standard.

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