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Duplex wellhead

Duplex wellhead

•  Let casing head and tubing head design for a solid which structure is tightly and meet with operation space
•  Dont need to replace BOP during drilling
•  There is mud cycle groove for mandrel casing hanger
•  Mating emergency slip so that casing is locked when put down                                                              
•  Mandrel casing hanger is adopt hang and seal separate , first hang casing and cement then install seal assembly . So that avoid to damaged seal part during put down casing and cement cycle , and convenient for maintenance & replace
•  It is adopt spring slip ring auto lock hanger 9 casing & tubing hanger ) , so that seal performance is credibility .
• It is supply for all kind of casing & tubing
•  Working pressure
working medium : oil , nature gas , mud , consist of H2S CO2gas
•working temp. -46°C121°CLU
•product specification level
•performance requirement level

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