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PFFA gate valve

PFFA gate valve

•  Full-bore design, effectively eliminate the pressure drop and eddy current, slow flow of solid particles in the valve.
•  Between bonnet & body and gate & seat are adopt metal to metal seal 
•  Between gate and seat are adopt metal to metal seal, Surface spraying (heap) welding hard alloy , has good abrasion resistance, corrosion resistance.
•  Stem has back seal structure so as to replace seal ring of stem with pressure
•  There is a seal grease injection valve on bonnet so as to repair seal grease and provided seal and lubricate performance of gate and seat 
•  It is match with all kind of pneumatic (hydraulic) actuator as customer's requirement 
•  Working pressure :2000PSI~20000PSI
•  Nominal bore:1.13/16"~9" (46mm~230mm)
• working medium : oil , nature gas , mud , consist of H2S CO2gas
•  working temp.:-46℃~121℃(LU )
•  material:AA、BB、CC、DD、EE、FF、HH 
•  PSL:PSL1~4

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