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Annular manifold


Annular manifold
The produced annular manifold is applicable to the discharge pipeline, infusion pipeline, well testing pipeline and well cementing mud line used for various high-pressure operations of oil field as well as the other liquid flow transfer lines under high-pressure operating conditions, which is composed of movable elbow and straight pipe assembly. It increases flexibility and durability, so that fluid can flow more smoothly. In addition, it can be quickly installed  and conveniently disassemble/assembled; At the time of field use, it is feasible to realize the connection with the pumper or the other ground manifolds only through opening the union cap at the position of union assembly. 

The annular manifolds mainly include 3 types: Short-radius movable manifold, long-radius movable manifold and integral movable manifold, with specification being 1-1/2", 2", 3" and 4" and working pressure being 35MPa~105MPa( 5000psi~15000psi). 

The movable elbow equipped for annular manifold has such characteristics as flexibility, shock resistance, anti-vibration and large discharge. The annular manifold is connected by wing nut and has such characteristics as quick tightening and disassembly, pressure resistance and sealing, which is easy for coincidence and convenient for transportation and storage.

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