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Handling tools

Handling tools


The handling tools are designed and manufacturered according to API SPEC 7K, 8A 8C - specification for drilling and production hoisting equipment.

1. Elevators:

    DDZ type(center latch) for handling 18degree taper shoulder drill pipe.

    DD(TA)(center latch) type for handling 90degree taper shoulder drill pipe.

    SLX type side door elevator.

    Slip type casing elevator for handling casing from 4-1/2 to 14 O.D.

    Y series Slip type elevators.

    Sucker rod elevator.

    SJ and SP type(single joint) Auxiliary elevators.

    CDZ type drill pipe elevators.

    CD type side door elevator.

2. Manual tongs:

    Type: B, SB, AAX, C, WWB, WWC, DB, SDD, LF, Casing tongs, Well servicing tongs.

3. Slips:

   Type: SDS, SDML, SDXL, W, DCS drill collar slips, CMS casing slips, UC casing slips, Safety clampes,    Pneumatic slips.

4. Pneumatic Spiders: Type: QQP, C, CHD, E, Hinged Casing spiders.

5. Bit Breakers and Bit breaker Adapter Plate.

6. Hydraulic Power tongs for Tubing and drill pipe:XQ series and ZQ series.

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